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March 2019

The hunt for good coffee begins.

Wellington City Council has asked for Registrations of Interest for the Café.

Watch our video that explains who we are looking for here


Or go to this page for all the Documents here.




February 2019

While work continues on Waitohi at a rapid pace, lots is happening behind the scenes too. We’re excited to be joined by our new Makerspace Specialist, Jamie Boorman.


Jamie, what exactly is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a space dedicated to hands-on creativity and learning – from something as simple as screwing two bits of wood together, to designing 3D models.

What activities will people be able to do in the makerspace?

Knitting, sewing, paper crafts, laser cutting, 3D printing, audio recording, film editing, virtual reality, electronics, robotics classes, code clubs, and more!

Why is a makerspace a good fit for a library?

Libraries have always been a place to connect our communities to knowledge, wonder and possibilities. Makerspaces allow you to explore ideas, creativity and technology in ways that simply reading a book cannot. You are physically part of the creative process, not just reading about it.

How did you become interested in makerspaces?

I’ve worked in libraries for 17 years. When we started running events with robotics and virtual reality, it really sparked my interest. I’ve always been keen on making things, be it with Lego, hand tools, or a soldering iron; or pulling things apart to see how they work! I’m passionate about helping other people realise that everyone has it in them to create. They just have to find their medium; be it wood, code, or music.

Café update

We’re delighted to announce we’ll be going out to tender for a café operator in March. Local residents have told us how important an on-site café is to them, so we’ll be looking for a great operator to partner with Waitohi.

Construction update

Work continues both on the inside and the outside of the building. The roof is now complete, and the cladding is rapidly progressing. 

This photo of the north-east corner of Waitohi shows the distinct triangular form of the building.


Looking across the lower ground floor out to Moorefield Road, this photo shows the timber ‘trunk’ columns which evoke Athfield Architects’ vision of a forest floor.internal

Ngā mihi,

Andrea Thomas

Project lead

December 2018

Whether you’re travelling by air or on the motorway, you can’t miss the Waitohi Community Hub. The building is rapidly taking shape – you can now see the outlines of the individual spaces within the Hub, and work on the roof is nearly complete.

We’ve built the ‘link space’, an internal walkway that will connect the new library to the Keith Spry Pool, café, Whānau Manaaki Kindergarten and Community Centre, and provide easy access through to Memorial Park.

Link space

Library update

We’ve just appointed two people to specialist roles. One will manage the ‘makerspace’ – a creative and collaborative space for people of all ages ; the other will be developing interactive programmes for children and young people.

More to come in the New Year about these exciting new roles – including what makes a great makerspace!

Changes coming to Keith Spry Pool

From 22 January, the spas and sauna at Keith Spry Pool will no longer be available due to the construction work. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.

Saunas are available at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre and Freyberg Pool and Fitness Centre.

Spa pools are available at Karori Pool, Tawa Pool, Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre and Freyberg Pool and Fitness Centre.

Hoardings will be put up within the pool area to separate the construction work from the pool operations, and to keep it safe for pool users.

We’ll be upgrading the facilities for when the spas and sauna reopen.

What’s coming up in 2019

Jan – Hoarding going up at the south end of Keith Spry Pool

Feb – Roof and façade completed

Mar – Tender for the café goes out

Aug – Whānau Manaaki Kindergarten moves to Waitohi

Sept – old kindergarten building pulled down

Sept – landscaping and internal fitout starts

Dec – Waitohi opens

In the New Year, we’ll be launching a new online platform for Waitohi. You’ll be able to share your views and feedback throughout the construction of the building and the development of facilities. We’ll also share the latest news and updates with you.

Finally, we appreciate your continuing support and patience during construction. We know that you’ll be as pleased as we at the Council are when Waitohi opens in a year’s time, and becomes the vibrant heart of the north.


Meri Kirihimete,

Andrea Thomas

Project lead

October 2018


Jville 1

It’s been startling to see how fast the new Waitohi hub building has shot up in the last few weeks.

We had a chat to Sarah Livingstone, Senior Project Manager at The Building Intelligence Group who is overseeing the construction process alongside Southbase.


Things seem to be progressing very fast – is it really going to take another whole year or more? Why?

This year we will see the rest of the structural steel and timber erected. The roof should be on and the façade complete by early next year.

Then we start on the interior. There’s a lot of work to do on that – it includes the library, a café, a new reception for the pool and, of course the kindergarten fitout. We are working hard to ensure the pool, community centre and other surrounding facilities are impacted as little as possible – but she’s a big job!


I’ve been told it’s a very complicated build – what are the things that make it complicated?

The building is a triangle shape on a sloping site – that meant we had to do significant ground work before we could pour the foundations and concrete slabs. That’s why that initial part took so very long. Now we are up to installing the structural steel and over the next few months part of the roof start will be going on.

We are also going to be breaking out the end of the Keith Spry pool to start the work to create their new reception area.. So we are working on a new build, while also working to incorporate the existing buildings and minimising disruption as much as we can.


The traffic issues being caused by the work are becoming a headache. Will they continue for the whole year? What have you got in place to manage them?

We have engaged a professional traffic management subcontractor to prepare traffic management plans. The goal is to minimise issues for the public, but we also have to make sure Southbase can get materials delivered to the site, so patience is key. Another thing we need to deal with is the way the site is restricted by the closeness of the pool and community centre which are still operating. That means there’s not a lot of room to store materials or to park trucks and building equipment. That means we need to do more frequent deliveries and find parking off-site, but near enough to be useful.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We are all very proud to be working on a building which we can see will be a great asset for the community. We are very aware we are causing a disruption both to the traffic and to the facilities nearby and we are doing our best to lessen the impact. We’d like to thank all the people who have been so patient as we get on with the building work.

We’d also like to send a special thank you to the kindy kids who were so helpful with suggestions when one of our trucks got itself a bit stuck recently.

September 2018

We're excited to show you the progress on the build.

We are not only out of the ground but we are rapidly moving up.

Both slabs have been laid, we have a crane on site (if you walk past you'll be able to see it peeking over the hoardings)and structural steel started going in this week. 

IMG 0655

IMG 6073

July 2018

It has been a very busy time on the site the upper ground floor being excavated, this took longer than anticipated but its now ready for its slab to be laid.

More retaining walls and the lift pit  have also been completed.

The next exciting stage will include the arrival of the crane and the first structural steel will arrive on site.

July photo


May 2018

After making alterations to the South End of the Johnsonville Community Centre, installing storm water pipes and asphalting the lane, we are pleased to announce that the lane between Keith Spry Pool and the Johnsonville Community Centre is now open.

This includes new signage and lane markings.

It has been a really busy month on site with the lower ground foundations  being started. This is a big area so it will take a large number of concrete pours and weeks to see this finished.

Also  you will see from the photos some of the retaining walls have also been completed.

update 2018 04 26 ER 0373update photoupdate photo 2018 04 26 ER 0376 Pano



April 2018

 new johnsonville library construction

new johnsonville library construction 2


Over the last year, the Johnsonville Hub project team has been working with the Iwi Naming Group, who have been considering names that reflect the essence of the project.

We are very happy to announce Waitohi, the name gifted to Johnsonville library in 2010 will now be used for the Johnsonville Community Hub.

Please see the explanation below:

The Waitohi stream is the old name of the Nga Uranga stream. Originally the name Nga Uranga was restricted to the mouth of the stream which served as a landing place for canoes: In his historical writings S Percy Smith,[...] recorded that Ngauranga, which meant a canoe landing place, referred to the land at the mouth of the Waitohi Stream and not to the valley at the back of the pa.  The name of Waitohi was never adopted by the colonists. The surveyors and other company officials through language difficulties and not being aware of the great love the Māori had for his land either failed to pick up the name or else overlooked its significance. Best, Elsdon. (1919) The Land of Tara and they who settled it, Part V


March 2018

 The Traffic Management Plan for the Johnsonville Community Hub project has been approved, which means there will be temporary changes to the Wanaka Street Garden Park.

 Our Parks team has been given permission to use it for extra storage and parking for the construction company. We want to keep the construction company vehicles off the streets as much as possible and leave the car parks to the community.

 The seats which have been donated will be stored. At the end of the project, the garden will be reinstated in consultation with the Parks team.

 Other things you need to know:

  •  The traffic plan includes speed restrictions around the site for public safety.
  •  Unfortunately, the lane between the Keith Spry Pool and Johnsonville Community Centre will now be closed until early May. We are truly sorry about this and look forward to it reopening

Wanaka Street Garden Park

wanaka street garden park

Site area

 site area

Speed restrictions

 speed restrictions

February 2018

Information evening:
7.30pm, Monday 19 February 2018
Johnsonville Community Centre
3 Frankmoore Avenue

This is an opportunity for you to hear more about the project and share your views about the construction. The construction company will be there along with project team members from the Council to answer your questions. 

January 2018

We had the laying of the Mauri Stone and blessing held on site to mark the start of the construction phase. Deputy Mayor Jill Day and councillor Peter Gilberd joined us for the event. Karu Moeahu blessed the stone and Jane Hill, Manager of Community Networks at Wellington City Council had the privilege of laying the stone.


December 2017

Southbase Construction Company won the contract to build the New Johnsonville Community Hub. One of their current projects is building the new central library in Christchurch.
News - Construction on Johnsonville Community Hub to begin in the new year - 19.12.17

See the latest drawings (555KB PDF) from Athfield Architects.

Johnsonville Hub Parking Changes PDF 308KB